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BERCO - ITALY Undercarriage Assys and Complete Track System Solution.

Since 01.04.2017, MHP represents the brand "BERCO" in India, for the Aftermarket business. Berco is the pioneer manufacturing company, since 1920, to produce undercarriage for almost all types of track mounted equipments.

They command a very strong reputation in OEM market and have been pursuing Aftermarket business with equally strong passion & aggression.

All the products are being manufactured in Italy in the plants at Copparo (Headquarter) & Castelfranco Veneto. The group is present in the world through subsidiaries located in U.S.A., Germany, Brazil, U.K., India & China.

Berco product range is covered between wide range of applications


From 1.5 to 6 tons machines, covering chain pitch ranging from 90-135mm.


From 7 to 50 tons machines, covering chain pitch ranging from 140-228.6mm.


From 50 to 400 tons machines, covering chain pitch ranging from 215.9-350mm.

Regular machines covered are - Excavators, Dozers, Pipe-layers, Track Mounted Drilling Rigs, Surface-miners.

Special application machines covered are - Large conveyor systems, Milling machines, Forest machines, Road pavers, Apron feeders, Crushers etc.


BERCO, boasts of at least 11000 different configuration of heavy duty chains, more than 500 types of idlers, more than 1500 types of rollers, and more than 600 different configuration of sprockets & segments.


BERCO is known for Superior engineering & technology, Innovation, comprehensive know-how and state-of-the-art manufacturing. Over 95 years of leadership & research makes Berco undercarriage the reference focal point in the field of construction equipment.

Berco products are made perform under low & high temperature versions of extreme applications and are unrivalled in terms of wear resistance, durability & technical content.


Berco believes in constant research & innovation by implementing new high end technology to improve on maximum life output from each of its product.

The introduction of -

  • BPR-2 & BPR-3, Berco Pin Retention system for high-end Dozers, provides perfect sealability for the track chains.
  • ROBUSTUS, the new Rotating Bush Track System, reduces friction & wear ensuring longer life for the products.
  • New Sealing System, "W" shaped Polyurethene seal is especially designed to keep grease in the joints and keep abrasive particles out of the system.

The above implementation of new systems, for specific machines of specific application, helps to increase the track life by an approx. 35%, with a maximum of 6000 hours of operation without maintenance and thus cutting down on operation cost by almost 25%.